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Generational transition at the top of W&W

Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG (W&W) is preparing for a generational transition in the company’s upper ranks. Starting in April 2016, Jürgen Albert Junker (46) will join the Executive Board of the Stuttgart-based financial services provider. Plans call for him to take over as chairman in 2017 from Dr Alexander Erdland (64), who will be retiring. Prior to the transition at the top of W&W, the company is laying the groundwork for a transition period for Junker, which will particularly focus on how the Home Loan and Savings Bank and Insurance Divisions fit into to W&W’s specific positioning as a financial conglomerate.

Stuttgart, 10. December 2015

Erdland, a native of Oelde, began realigning the W&W Group in 2006. As part of this, Wüstenrot und Württembergische were integrated into the Group in terms of structure, staff, and culture. During Erdland’s nearly 10 years as chairman, equity was increased by more than EUR 1 billion, and average annual results went up twelvefold. Erdland, who holds a degree in business administration and previously served on the management board of what is now DZ Bank in Frankfurt and headed Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG, moreover expanded the company’s sales force. Today, the company has some six million customers and potentially 40 million customer contacts through all sales channels. In addition, the course for even closer customer affiliation in the digital age was set with the programme “W&W@2020”. Furthermore, since 2012 Erdland has served as president of the Berlin-based German Insurance Association (GDV).

Hans Dietmar Sauer, Supervisory Board Chairman of W&W AG: “We owe Dr Erdland an enormous debt of gratitude for his great commitment on behalf of the W&W Group. During difficult times for the financial industry, he charted a profitable course for the company and significantly boosted its performance capabilities. Without him, the W&W Group would not be such a successful company today. We are pleased that Jürgen Albert Junker was able to be recruited for the company through forward-looking succession planning. We wish Mr Junker the best of success during the transition and the subsequent assumption of his new duties.”

Jürgen Albert Junker holds a degree in business administration and joined the VHV Group in Hannover in 2002. He held managerial posts in personnel and company management, operations, and central sales management before becoming a member of the management boards of VHV Allgemeine Versicherung AG and VHV Lebensversicherung AG in 2007. Here Junker, a native of Aschaffenburg and qualified banker who has previously worked at Dresdner Bank on a national and an international level, was responsible for overseeing sales and company investments, focusing particularly on the expansion and management of the various sales channels, as well as on digitalisation issues in sales. He intends to emphasise these areas as well during his transition phase in the W&W Group.

In addition to Erdland and Junker (starting in April 2016), the Executive Board of W&W AG includes Dr Michael Gutjahr and Jens Wieland. Also represented on the Management Board of the W&W Group are division heads Bernd Hertweck (Home Loan and Savings Bank) and Norbert Heinen (Insurance).