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W&W AG listed in the Prime Standard – target SDAX

With effect from 1. December 2015, the Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse has authorised the shares of Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG (W&W AG), Stuttgart, for the section of the regulated market with further follow-up obligations (Prime Standard). Previously, the W&W AG was listed in the segment General Standard in the regulated market in Frankfurt.

With the change from General Standard to Prime Standard and fulfilment of the highest transparency requirements in future, the W&W AG intends to increase the attractiveness of its shares (ISIN DE0008051004 / WKN 805100), strengthen the trust in its shares and achieve a higher level of attention from private and institutional investors at home and abroad.

As a result of this, the W&W AG will also fulfil the requirements for inclusion in a selection index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The specific goal of the W&W AG is to be listed on the SDAX.

W&W AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, is the Group's strategic management holding company. The W&W Group was founded in 1999 after the merger of the companies Wüstenrot and Württembergische. The business sector “Home Loan and Savings” includes, among others, the companies Wüstenrot Bausparkasse AG and Wüstenrot Bank AG Pfandbriefbank. The building society holds second place among the building societies in Germany in regard to gross new home loans savings business. The business sector “Insurance” includes, among others, the companies Württembergische Lebensversicherung AG and Württembergische Versicherung AG. These two companies are among the top 15 in the German insurance business. The unique combination of business areas means the W&W Group can meet all of the requirements for precautionary financial measures of its customers, of which there are around 6 million, from one source. In 2014 its employees generated a net income of 242 million Euros. Germany is its core market. Outside Germany, the Group maintains a strategic focus on the Czech Republic.

Stuttgart, December 1, 2015

Wüstenrot & Württembergische

The Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group is the specialist for the four building blocks of modern pension’s provision and property/casualty insurance: hedging, residential property, risk protection and capital formation. Formed in 1999 by the merger of two traditional companies, Wüstenrot und Württembergische, the Stuttgart-based stock exchange-listed Group combines the business expertise of a building savings bank and insurance provider in equal measure and is thus able to offer all its customers the solution that is right for them. The quality of service, competence and customer care provided by approximately 7,000 office-based employees and a strong sales force of 6,000 partners are highly valued by around six million customers of the W&W Group. Thanks to an extensive network of businesses operating as partners and in collaboration with us, as well as agents and direct contacts, the W&W Group has access to over 40 million people in Germany. Additionally, the W&W Group is planning for future growth and is already established as the largest independent financial service provider in Baden Württemberg, as well as having the largest number of customers.