The financials of W&W Group Interim Report at 30 June 2020 will be published on August 14th.

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Reasons to invest in W&W

  • A successful business model

    Our business model is geared towards stability and sustainability and is a response to the basic needs of our customers in life-issues such as housing, financial assets and a secure future.

  • Competitive productivity

    The W&W Group generates a minimum sustainable profit of 220€ Million a year and works at a competitive productivity and cost level. Wherever possible and suitable we continue to streamline group structures.

  • Increased working time flexibility

    The W&W Group is further strengthening its position in regard to future job security, professional career development opportunities and working time flexibility, in accordance with the ongoing changes in society.

  • Digitalisation: New opportunities

    The W&W Group offers easy, comprehensible access for consumers and systematically further develops the opportunities of digitalization.

  • Attractive range distribution channels

    The W&W Group has more than 6 million customers and offers an attractive range of distribution channels consisting of self-employed sales representatives, partnerships, direct sales and brokers and estate agents. We have a broad portfolio.

  • Stable dividends

    The W&W Group offers investors stable dividends and promising performance potential for shares.

Arbeitsdirektor Dr. Michael Gutjahr steht vor einer grauen Betonwand

Dr. Michael Gutjahr, CFO of W&W AG „Our share is particularly interesting for long-term value investors“

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