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Sustainablity at the Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group

Responsible conduct and social commitment have a long tradition in the Group and are an inherent part of company culture.

„Vorsorge“ and sustainability remain inseparable. In 2012 the group’s mission statement was therefore extended to include a statement on sustainable business activities. With this commitment to sustainability, the W&W Group assumes responsibility for their actions and the associated effect on humans and the environment. In the business sectors of strategy, the environment, products, staff members and the company follow regulations and guidelines that are constantly further developed to adapt to the ever-changing activities in the world of business.

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex

By participating in the German Sustainability Code and with the publication of a Statement of Compliance the W&W Group acknowledges its economic, ecological and social responsibility. The aim of the German Sustainability Code is to promote the further development of sustainability in German companies to include uniform reporting to increase transparency and comparability.

Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2018


Together with a further 35 companies in the region, the W&W Group was one of the first signees on the WIN Charter initiated by the State government in Baden Wuerttemberg. By signing the WIN declaration, companies acknowledge their commitment to the corresponding guidelines and to further increase sustainability.


As a Vorsorge-Spezialist the W&W Group acknowledges its social responsibility, energy efficiency and environmental protection internally and in an exemplary fashion. The applicable guidelines are valid across the group and demonstrate the importance of environmental protection in the entire value-chain of the W&W Group to include the four key areas of resource consumption and procurement, staff information and compliance with legal provisions and product ecology.

The W&W Group has been a member of the ECOfit Network since 2006. Its primary aim is to promote long term and more importantly, sustainable economic activity, to develop new potential for cost-saving and to improve environmental legal frameworks in companies.

A sustainable approach is part of the group’s mission statement and is taken into consideration during the planning of new products not only in the area of the home loan and savings bank sector but also in the field of insurance. The focus lies here on special products and advisory services that support and promote the implementation of requisite energy-saving measures:

These include, for example, advisory services regarding state subsidies and information on the various energy specialist service partners in cooperation with Wüstenrot. Wüstenrot also participates in a campaign for energy savings measures titled “Die Hauswende” (energy efficiency campaign for house walls) initiated by Allianz Insurance together with the Ministry for the Environment for Baden-Württemberg to promote the increase in number of energy efficient homes and buildings.

As service providers, employees in the W&W Group are an extremely important asset. Providing future security and retaining a competitive position entails not only cost saving measures but also sustainable investments in our staff. Such investments include not only consistent further professional development opportunities but particularly services to ensure the balance of professional and private life, health management and remuneration.

W&W has received a number of awards for the above mentioned measures to include a top ranking in the Total-E-Quality program for sustainable commitment to the balance of professional and private life and the promotion of equal opportunities. W&W also received an award as an “excellent company” in the highest category for its corporate health management program in the Corporate Health Award and Karriere.de (Career.de) awarded the W&W Group their FairCompany prize for the fair treatment of young professionals.

The history and scope of activities of the W&W Group are based on sound societal principals.

This basic understanding of a responsibility to society is reflected in the Wüstenrot Foundation which owns the Wüstenrot Holding as a majority shareholder. The foundation promotes projects in the protection and preservation of historical buildings, art and culture, science and research, education and professional training.

The W&W Group also supports various projects of the City of Ludwigsburg related to the prevention of crime in the local communities at their two principal locations in Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg. Furthermore, the W&W Group supports regional clubs and institutes, local education centers and has various and diverse partnerships with universities.


Kommunale Kriminalprävention Ludwigsburg

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